Basic Lift Instruction





Squat & DL Assistance

Bench Assistance

The Squat

A Primmer for Beginners in the Squat by Dr. Fred C Hatfield, Ph.D., MSS, International Sports Sciences Association

10 Surefire Ways to Help You Squat BIG by Dave Tate,

Teaching the Squat by Jim Wendler,

Top Ten Squat Tips by Chris "Ox" Mason

Going Deeper in the Squat and Westside by Jack Reape

The Bench Press

Bench Press Mistakes - Video by A. J. Roberts

Five Reasons Your Bench Gets Stuck at the Bottom and What You Can Do About It by Dave Tate,

Dave Tate's Six-Week Bench Press Cure interview by Nate Green

The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Benchers by Eric Cressey

Bench Press Technique, Setting up for Competition Bench Pressing by Sebastian Burns,

Bench Press Workout by Louie Simmons

J. M. Blakley's Top Tips for the Bench Press by J. M. Blakley

How to Get the Most Speed Possible Off Your Chest for a Huge Bench Press by Jared Bachmeier

Prepare to Bench by Louie Simmons

The Power Bench Press by Tom McCullough, MEd., MSS

Progression of the Bench: Technique and Set Up by Mike Strom

Bench Press: Powering Through the Sticking Point by David Sandler and Ed McNeely

The Deadlift

Mastering the Deadlift by Chip Conrad

The Intermediate Deadlift Cycle by Mike Robertson

The Top 10 Deadlifting Mistakes and How to Fix Them by Dave Tate,

Go Sumo by Alexander Kang

The Power Deadlift by Tom McCullough, MEd., MSS

Finnish Deadlift Secrets by Sakari Selkäinaho

A New, Rather Long Analysis of the Deadlift by Mark Rippetoe

Deadlift 101 by Rick Walker

Deadlift Training Part 1 by Louie Simmons

Deadlift Training Part 2 by Louie Simmons

Deadlift Training Part 3 by Louie Simmons

Squat & Deadlift Assistance

Introducing the Box Squat by Dave Tate,

Squat Assistance Exercises by Gary F Zeolla

Five Drills for Superior Core Training by Josh Henkin

Perfecting the Romanian Deadlift by Mike Robertson

Box Squatting by Louie Simmons

Deadlift Assistance Exercises by Gary F Zeolla

Core Stability Training by Dr. Michael Yessis

Squat and Deadlift Assistance Exercises: The Good Morning by Tom McCullough

The Deadlift is Not Dead! Tips to Become a Better Deadlifter by Ben Tatar

The Core Calculator by Carl Valle, CSCS, USATF II

Core Statics by Jim Smith, CSCS


Bench Press Assistance

Bench Press Assistance Exercises by Gary F Zeolla

Training the Lock Out by Louie Simmons

Power Clean Primer by Patrick Stricker